UNC SOM Parents
Enhance the success of tomorrow’s students.
Parents of UNCSOM students have a unique vested interest in helping ensure that our learning institution maintains its tradition of medical education excellence. You even share in our commitment to assist and encourage bright minds to become critical leaders and difference makers in the field of medicine.

With the right infrastructure in place, the School of Medicine is not only able to effectively prepare students, but also to impact the health of communities across the state and throughout the world. It’s why we’ve made it our mission to actualize a state-of-the-art medical education building here on our campus. A step that brings us ever closer to achieving our goal of being the nation’s leading public school of medicine.

Student Futures in Your Hands

Support from parents and families of UNC School of Medicine students is crucial to sustained academic success. Through their encouragement, parents and families show our students and us how much they value vision, progress and commitment.

Our vision for the future of medical education is clear. Plans are laid and progress is being made on a new medical education building that will welcome, support and prepare 21st century physicians. We are also firmly committed to seeing Roper Hall fully funded, completed and poised to revolutionize learning as we know it.
“When philanthropy creates and enhances physical resources, it revolutionizes the educational experience and helps draw the highest-caliber faculty and students from around the world.”
Your gifts, large and small, are important and have great impact. Supporting enhanced practical use of medical knowledge in collaborative and innovative settings like the one coming soon to our Chapel Hill campus is how we transform medical education for years to come. Through your generosity today, you can effectively shape tomorrow.